And then there were two. Or, wait, was it one?



Welcome to the Jungle

So it may not be the standard PB cartoon but here’s a little bit of work from a Drink & Draw event that I host here in Madison. This one came from a night where our theme was “Childhood Fears”:


And here’s another little ditty from last night’s 80’s glam rock theme:


Stephen is in Hell

Page_1For quite some time I’ve been bouncing around the idea of a comic about the afterlife. My friend Toby and I really start to develop on the story about 4 years ago. Since then I’ve kept the notes and ideas and every now and then tried to work out bits of the story. What you see above is page 1. I’m going to attempt it and as it starts up I might share a few of the pages here on the PB before this comic moves to it’s own home. The next pages will tackle another facet of the afterlife and give you a little insight as to why it is Stephen is in hell.