Cut from the same board

Always looking for a different spin on things, I recently decided to combine recent works with my old love of working with cardboard. Here’s a shot of something in progress.


Jeffrey, leave the dog man alone!

Well, it has been some time. One reason could be juggling multiple jobs, handling flyer design for area events, working on commissions, and displaying personal artworks in a few places. Or another could just be laziness. All the other things have been going and the progress of other artwork has kept me from some of the cartoon photos as of late. If you checkout you can see what it is that’s kept the Basket a bit empty.

There have been some goofy illustrations I’ve worked on that feel right at home on the ol’ PB so I’ll definitely share those. Next week I hope to post a bit more about what has been going on with work on display as well showing the development of some of it. Until then: Cartoons!


How did you get so shy?



While I prepare cartoons and some announcements for next week, I thought I’d use today’s post to show the life of a recent post: Painfully Shy. Below are pictures from the various stages of progress on this piece. It’s kind of like a look behind the scenes of one of these things. Enjoy!





IMG_1593Finally ending with: