Cut from the same board

Always looking for a different spin on things, I recently decided to combine recent works with my old love of working with cardboard. Here’s a shot of something in progress.


The adventure of Capt. Kits continues…

Again, we return to the process of bringing Captain Kits the Space Kitty to life. Last time we figured out that first you have to really see what he looks like. Now you just gotta get your supplies all ready:

DSCN0822Then once you have what you need, the fun can really start. Once again Capt. Kits will be drawn up. Only this time it’ll be on the cardboard. Once he’s there the next step is to trim that board down to make him look slim.DSCN0825

Next week Capt. Kits will get a nice shine to his suit and and a lovely home to show you just what has been done here.