You look familiar…

A while back there was a post that included a portrait I had done of Axl Rose. In the months since I’ve done a handful of other celebrity portraits for fun and practice. For your viewing pleasure, here’s some below:


“I, uhhh, I’m Jeff Goldblum”goldblum

“One Big Dark Room”winona

“How About Stevesy?”bill

“Tom Waits for No Man”waits

Get Down to Business

Today I thought it could be interesting, maybe even fun (but I won’t push it), to share the progression of a recent piece. Currently this piece, “Business Sox”, is on display with other pieces of mine at the Yellow Rose Gallery here in Madison so if you are in Wisconsin, come check it out. This bad boy is 18×24″ and the mediums used are pencil and coffee. Coffee. Crazy, right? I worked on this one from probably about mid January until the end of April. It was the odd thing on my while that all guests were forced to face. Enjoy:

IMG_1825IMG_1909IMG_2375IMG_2383and for the final look:

 Business Sox by Jon Hunter
(18×24, ink and coffee)


How did you get so shy?



While I prepare cartoons and some announcements for next week, I thought I’d use today’s post to show the life of a recent post: Painfully Shy. Below are pictures from the various stages of progress on this piece. It’s kind of like a look behind the scenes of one of these things. Enjoy!





IMG_1593Finally ending with:


Pastrami in the Buff

Currently amidst the cartoons, comics, and Drink & Draw hosting, I’m also working on a couple series of drawings/paintings that I’m hoping to display soon. Today I offer a sneak peak at series of portraits that is still in progress. In total there will be 5 and the subject matter will change on the 5th as well.