Get Back to Work

So with all the random things popping up in the past few months, I realized there is one piece I’ve been ignoring for a few months. Today I decided it’s time to sit back down and get to work on it again and focus back on some certain skills I’m trying to brush up on. Here’s how it’s looking now (after adding a bit of shading and line work earlier today). Hopefully the finished one will be done sooner than later to share here.


Friday Preview!

Currently I’m working on something based around one of all time favorite films: Ghostbusters! I thought I’d give a little sneak peek here. Also, I thought I’d use this as a chance to announce that I’m currently working on a store that will be connected to (which is also getting updates). Once completed you’ll be able to find this print and others available there. Hopefully next week there will be more updates on all of this!


You look familiar…

A while back there was a post that included a portrait I had done of Axl Rose. In the months since I’ve done a handful of other celebrity portraits for fun and practice. For your viewing pleasure, here’s some below:


“I, uhhh, I’m Jeff Goldblum”goldblum

“One Big Dark Room”winona

“How About Stevesy?”bill

“Tom Waits for No Man”waits

Get Down to Business

Today I thought it could be interesting, maybe even fun (but I won’t push it), to share the progression of a recent piece. Currently this piece, “Business Sox”, is on display with other pieces of mine at the Yellow Rose Gallery here in Madison so if you are in Wisconsin, come check it out. This bad boy is 18×24″ and the mediums used are pencil and coffee. Coffee. Crazy, right? I worked on this one from probably about mid January until the end of April. It was the odd thing on my while that all guests were forced to face. Enjoy:

IMG_1825IMG_1909IMG_2375IMG_2383and for the final look:

 Business Sox by Jon Hunter
(18×24, ink and coffee)


Jeffrey, leave the dog man alone!

Well, it has been some time. One reason could be juggling multiple jobs, handling flyer design for area events, working on commissions, and displaying personal artworks in a few places. Or another could just be laziness. All the other things have been going and the progress of other artwork has kept me from some of the cartoon photos as of late. If you checkout you can see what it is that’s kept the Basket a bit empty.

There have been some goofy illustrations I’ve worked on that feel right at home on the ol’ PB so I’ll definitely share those. Next week I hope to post a bit more about what has been going on with work on display as well showing the development of some of it. Until then: Cartoons!


Busy in the Bathroom

So it’s a been a bit since the last post but I’ve been busy. Busy in the best way: with art projects! Recently I got to do another wall mural on a bathroom wall in my friend’s home. You may remember the last one. It was a mummy wall with the little guy unraveling all over the room. The new one is all about beards. Take a look:


I plan to do a little more work but thought it would be nice to share. Below are some shots of it in progress and some of me working on it to give you a little idea of the scale. Thanks a million to my pal Cory for letting me do this and getting these great pictures!


Construction and the LEGO Architect


A ‘Hello Monday!’ to you all. Posts have been slow but it doesn’t meant the Pastrami has stopped. I just wanted to make a post today to, one, share a new cartoon with you all and, two, tell you about some updates. There has been some small construction to the blog here that you may have noticed:

Contact – There’s now a fancy new contact form for the PB. You’ll find the “Contact” link up around the about page links. Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, ‘hey, I wouldn’t mind getting this guy to draw my idea’ or ‘I gotta question I wanna ask’. If so, take full advantage of this form. Also should you ever have a cartoon idea you’d like to see, use this form to drop me a line. As long as it’s reasonable I’ll get your cartoon done and note in the post who suggested the idea.

Instagram – On the side bar you might notice a fancy new section titled, “Pastramigram”. Yes, you read that right. I’ve joined the modern world of technology and started up an instagram account. Follow me to see previews of cartoons and other sketches I’m working on either for projects or just good ol’ fun.

I’m also working on a webpage specifically about freelance artwork. Until that comes out please feel free to contact me via the Pastrami Basket. Also, don’t forget that Pastrami Basket is on Facebook, too. You can find drawings and illustrations there that don’t make it to the blog. For example, you’ll find a sweet Bob Ross flyer I designed for a Drink & Draw event I am hosting in Madison, WI. Grab some sandwiches and get ready for a new cartoon this week!