About the Doodles

I think I'm going to challenge that. In the beginning the Pastrami Basket was just a home to random thoughts and rants that once in a while would contain silly images. Then when challenged over what to show in a post about mummies the idea came up to just draw them. Cartoon it up, if you will. Since then many cartoon creations have been popping up all over here. Always looking to draw and to have fun with it, I’m definitely up for new opportunities. Want a new post of yours to be illustrated? Got a goofy idea you want to see in cartoon form? Or perhaps just want to commission some art work for a project/yourself? If you answered yes to any of these then do feel free to contact me.  You can comment here or email at jon.hunter.85@gmail.com.1969250_600813186677756_453090228_n Posts I’ve worked on for other blogs: Shut Up Dad –

Tales of a Charm City Chick –

It’s Just the Booze Dancing

Happiness is Not a Disease –

The Baloney Bin

A Pretty Good Time

Other cartoon work: 


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