Construction and the LEGO Architect


A ‘Hello Monday!’ to you all. Posts have been slow but it doesn’t meant the Pastrami has stopped. I just wanted to make a post today to, one, share a new cartoon with you all and, two, tell you about some updates. There has been some small construction to the blog here that you may have noticed:

Contact – There’s now a fancy new contact form for the PB. You’ll find the “Contact” link up around the about page links. Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, ‘hey, I wouldn’t mind getting this guy to draw my idea’ or ‘I gotta question I wanna ask’. If so, take full advantage of this form. Also should you ever have a cartoon idea you’d like to see, use this form to drop me a line. As long as it’s reasonable I’ll get your cartoon done and note in the post who suggested the idea.

Instagram – On the side bar you might notice a fancy new section titled, “Pastramigram”. Yes, you read that right. I’ve joined the modern world of technology and started up an instagram account. Follow me to see previews of cartoons and other sketches I’m working on either for projects or just good ol’ fun.

I’m also working on a webpage specifically about freelance artwork. Until that comes out please feel free to contact me via the Pastrami Basket. Also, don’t forget that Pastrami Basket is on Facebook, too. You can find drawings and illustrations there that don’t make it to the blog. For example, you’ll find a sweet Bob Ross flyer I designed for a Drink & Draw event I am hosting in Madison, WI. Grab some sandwiches and get ready for a new cartoon this week!


2 thoughts on “Construction and the LEGO Architect

  1. We should have instagramoffs where we see who can post the most pictures of cured meat. Or an instagrammaoff where we see who can post the most pictures of Chad’s grandmas.

    • You and I know that Chad’s grandmas refuse to be photographed after that last scandal. However, this cured meat contest sounds fun. There’s some place that supposedly has fantastic pastrami around here.

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