Today is the Pastramiversary! 1 Year ago I started this madness with photo/cartoon art here on the PB and it’s still going. Of course, this means a celebration is in order.pastramiversary

As a part of the celebration of the Pastramiversary there is… (drum roll it up) …a contest! Yes, that’s right people. Ever thought to yourself, “What would I look like pastramified” or “What would my favorite character look like pastramified”? If you have then here is your chance. One of the participants of the Pastramiversary is my old nemesis, The Baloney Bin. Anyone who comments on the Pastrami Takeover post at the Baloney Bin or reblogs this post will be entered into a drawing to be pastramified. The cut off for entry will be Wednesday so be sure to hit up today or tomorrow. Hop on board folks! This is your chance to be immortalized via cartoon! Or you can at least post it to your Facebook and rub it in your friends’ faces that someone made a cartoon-you.

The Baloney Bin isn’t the only participant though. Many other bloggers have been kind enough to let me illustrate their thoughts or just share some work of mine on their own space. Check out the links below to see more fantastic blog posts that people let me have the honor of supplying  illustrations for today:

Tales of a Charm City Chick
Shut Up Dad
It’s Just the Booze Dancing
The Baloney Bin
Happiness Is Not A Disease
A Pretty Good Time

Thanks to all of you’ve supported the PB, re-posted, asked me to do a doodle for you, or even just flipped through from time to time. Any desires to commission some work? Take a gander at either of the about pages where my email is listed. Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests.



17 thoughts on “Pastramiversary!!!

      • FYI, had a Pastrami on Rye with Swiss Cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, and spicy mustard in your honor. Sadly, no Cel-Ray. “Settled” on a San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda. Not a bad second choice. 🙂

      • Sounds delicious. I’m flattered you would have a good old Pastrami lunch in honor of the PB. I myself might be partaking in a little pastrami Reuben action tonight and tomorrow might be a cheers to you with a Whiskey Wednesday.

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