Have you heard this: Korean Children’s Choir

Recently I did a post about a Good Housekeeping exercise record I own. After thinking about it, I realized there are several other ridiculous records I know of and should share. So consider this entry #2 in what will be a new series: “Have you heard this?” There will even be a category for it on the sidebar.


Today’s gem is “The Ring of Happiness” by the Korean’s Children Choir, a record I’ve had for 2 years but never really sat down to listen to. Today I decided just for you I’d give it a try and tell you about this masterpiece. Judging from the write up on the back I’d guess it’s from the late 60’s, maybe early 70’s. First thing I noticed was that despite being a Korean children’s choir, everything except one song is in english. Really giving the listener a worldly experience. This record honestly sounds like something you’d hear in a Charlie Brown special.


The write up on the back is the best part of this record. It gives a history of their U.S. tours and television appearances. Some of it is completely random information that has no explanation. One example is they let you know about a soloist who appeared on all four of the choir’s tours and how he is nicknamed, “Peanuts”. Why? They won’t tell you. They also inform you of the high praise for two appearances on the Ed Sullivan show. Wait, are they rock stars now? Did Ed ask them to change the lyrics to one of their tunes? I’m sure they were smashing up hotel rooms with Mick Jagger. Then there’s the tid bit about Raymond Burr (yes, TV’s Perry Mason) introducing them on an Art Linkletter show. If someone made this up they deserve an award for their brilliance in the field of fiction.


In closing, do I recommend you seek out your own copy? No. If you have a friend with a copy I recommend giving it a listen or better yet, giving it a read.


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