She nearsighted me with science

For years I’ve had an old work shirt of a friend. It’s for a local pizza joint. In the four plus years of wearing it, I never really get asked if I work there. It’s happened only a handful of times. However, when I recently borrowed a lab coat from a friend, the results are

With the help of a few friends I recently decided that I would try to make a video about the world of dating. A mock version of one of those old “guide to” videos. A good pal offered to loan me a lab coat. Of course I immediately answered as anyone would and said, “Yes, I could definitely find use for this.” A few weeks ago I borrowed said lab coat and on my way home it seemed to appeal to my lazy side that it would be easier to just wear it instead of carry it all the way home. On the way I decided to stop by a nearby establishment to chat up a friend for a moment. Of course just before I arrived someone asked the question “Why are you wearing that coat?”. For whatever reason the fun switch immediately flipped.

Me: I just got off work, I’m a pharmacist at Walgreens.
Stranger: Oh that’s cool. I work at a Walgreens too! Which one?
Me: Uh, I work at the [… st.] & [… st.] one.
Stranger: Wow! I work at that one! How long have you been there?

The kid was too excited, I explained to him that I was only joking and had just borrowed the coat. Once I got where I was headed I stood at the bar talking to my friend. In the next 20 or so minutes several people approached with questions. Everyone just readily excepted my answer. This even happened:

Stranger #2: If you worked where I do you’d know all the different chemicals that got on that coat and wouldn’t want to be wearing it outside of work.
Me: Really?
Stranger #2: Yeah, really. I work in a lab.
Me: Oh well I’m a pharmacist and I just got off work.
Stranger #2: Oh, okay. That’s different then. Cool, have a good night.

To further paint the picture, I was just wearing this coat over jeans and a t-shirt. Also it’s way too large for me. Far be it for me to judge the pharmacist community, but I’ve certainly never run into one in a bar let alone one that was still wearing their coat off the clock. Perhaps that’s what made it believable I was a pharmacist. Well, that or my boyish scientific charm. It makes me wonder, if I wore plaid and suspenders would  someone believe me to be a lumberjack? I already have the beard. So try it out this weekend, dress as a scientist, maybe drink out of a beaker, and have a chemical reaction of a good time.


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