Groundhog Year

No, this is not going to be about how that fabled 123 year old trickster is duping us all. Instead it is about a recent conversation a friend and I had. Both us being Bill Murray fans and both of us being fans of the wildly fantastic film, “Groundhog Day”, 2 seemingly simple questions came up.  If you were stuck in that situation of the repeating day, what would you do? Secondly, what would it take for this Möbius strip to stop?

Taking no time to answer, as if he’d already put heavy consideration into this one, my friend had an immediate response to the first question. With his time he would do one of two things:

a.) Spend his time researching and learning as much as possible. A noble stance and surely beneficial should time pick back up again.tobes

b.) Spend his time visiting a local tavern and try to romance ever last person there that day/night.

He was also quick to point out that time could even be split up during the course of the day making it possible to achieve both goals. I’m sure if both were met he’d then use his superior to intellect to find the best way to consistently make you feel bad for not meeting Julie, Mrs. Rover and Thad from the bar that night. Another friend had only one certain answer: They would learn to break dance. That’s all.

pianomanIt’s been a while since the discussion and I still can’t figure out what I’d do with my time. Would I spend my time with piano lessons just so I could intentionally make the same “piano mover” joke that Bill Murray makes in the film? Yes. Of course I would. Maybe after I’d even get a job working at the dueling pianos bar on the side. Once time picks back up I will only play Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line” every single night. Making cartoons would be a great way to spend the time but there is the grand fear that at the start of the next day I will lose every one that I make. Every day I’d wake to a moment of frenzy where I frantically sought out the cartoons I’d made of Walter Matthau as a cat named Walter Meowtthau. There would be the option of the academic route like my friend but honestly, it’d probably take me a few weeks of the same to finally force myself to go that route.

unionMaybe that’s it. Maybe the only way I’d get out of the repeating day is if I finally buckle down and start learning. Then eventually I’ll get myself back in school studying the obvious: The science behind why Harry Belafonte makes us all want to dance so bad.


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