Passed Over Blockbusters

While I try my best to keep up with all the current films, I tend to let some slip through the cracks. It is always embarrassing to be in a conversation and have to admit to a close friend that you never saw “The Cat in the Hat” motion picture. So after a few long discussions with friends I’ve created a list of the movies I’ve missed but will certainly be catching up on this spring.

  1. Snow Dogs – Who doesn’t love Cuba Gooding, Jr.? Show me the sled dogs!
  2. Soul Man – Catchy song, so how could the movie not be good?
  3. Jurassic Park 3 – Number 2 was okay but a bit too much Goldblum and not enough Neill, am I right?
  4.  The Black Knight – Time travel, miniature golf, Martin Lawrence, and Star Wars themed jokes. Uh, who could say ‘no’ to that?
  5. Against the Dark – Set in a post-apocalyptic future, a team of zombie/vampire hunters is lead by Steven Seagal. How did I miss this one?
  6. Ewoks: The Battle for Endor – Wilford Brimley pats an Ewok on his fanny. That’s all you need to know. Also, it’s about time for the yearly viewing of this film. Yes, I’ve seen it.

Hopefully I’ll report back on these too. Maybe even with new tag line ideas for Snow Dogs.



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