I am so Vermeer right now

dinosaur-valley-state-parkLadies and gentlemen, I have for you today: a new hypothetical. The angles are still being worked out completely but it’s come along enough to share. This question tackles the age old debate of art or literature. Well, in the sense of which would you rather be trapped in. Now I’m not even going to get into that ridiculous film with John Ritter, Stay Tuned. That movie has nothing to do with this debate so you Eugene Levy-ites just need to drop it now.

Here’s the question, would you rather be trapped in a painting or in a book? Certainly there is a painting or a book out there that is quite cherished for all of us. Perhaps your a more visual person so immediately your going to think up a painting. Or maybe you have some librarian genes in you and list of top 5 books you want to be trapped in are springing to mind. The big part of this debate are the catches. Yes, it’s not cut and dry. So we’ll jump into the things that will make you really think about which side you’re leaning towards.

Books Now let’s say you are trapped in a book. The major thing here is how well your favorite book describes things. Anything intentionally left vague or only partially described will appear that way to you. Does your favorite book describe no restaurants or grocers? Than where or what are you going to eat? Never got a real mental picture of what that side character looked like? I’d recommend not hanging out with them because that could be nightmare inducing. Say they point out a door on a building but never tell you whats on the other side. Sit there yanking on that door for 2 hours if you like but you probably won’t be making it in.

The other important part of this is that while you can interact with things around you, there isn’t going to be the option to sway the plot. That technically would be rewriting the book which doesn’t seem to be a possibility. It’s more about drinking in what’s going on and seeing it right up close and personal.

Paintings – Paintings get tricky. If it’s a single room painting then you are probably just going to be hanging out in that room. So if you love Vermeer than I hope you really want to stare at nothing else than that girl with the earring for quite some time. That might get awkward fast. Just like books too, you won’t be able to go around changing or adding things. What would be interesting to note about the painting worlds is the fact that it is how it appears. So end up in a painting with all angles displayed oddly, that’s how it is. Pop into a Egon Schele piece and everybody will have super long limbs. Hang out in Picasso and well, I think you get the idea. (Sorry, I’m a bit biased here because I’d probably go the painting route)

So go forth folks, and discuss amongst yourselves. Maybe this will get you thinking right away or maybe it’ll be something that lays dormant until next week. Hopefully it’s sooner because otherwise the idea might get stuck like “Everybody’s working for the weekend” and you wouldn’t want that.


3 thoughts on “I am so Vermeer right now

  1. Okay, well I could see myself living inside Anne of Green Gables world, but my ethnicity complicates things. There are no people like me in Anne of Green Gables. I don’t think there are any brown skinned folks period in those books. I would probably have to be a field hand or something. And forget Little House on the Prairie because you and I both know that Pa donned blackface in Little Town on the Prairie. I would consider Berenstein bears so that I could live in a tree. But you know what I would lean toward? Pet Semetary, because then I could bring the pugs back to life when they die. Score!

    These paintings would be awesome to live in:

    The painting that became the cover of this book: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-dY2_-5orlOI/TyAQm8y5ADI/AAAAAAAAB_A/scYO_mA3drM/s1600/svh035.jpg

  2. OMG. This is such a difficult thing for me to ponder because I love paintings and books SO MUCH. I think I’d have to go with a book though…Then the question becomes literature vs. fantasy. I would love to live in Harry Potter’s world, but then you have to worry about evil wizards and trolls and such. I would love to live in an Edith Wharton novel, but then you have to worry about stuffy social constructions….the painting is more open-ended but also more limited, right? You only get one scene….I would like living here I think though:

    • That’s a chilly looking scene. This is a tough question for all. Part of me thinks it would be great to live in a Dr. Seuss book where things might seem more normal and I could make up a crazy profession and poof! it’s my job. Then again, the only homes you see inside are people like the Whos and I’d probably get stuck living with Cindy Lou Who. Great. Looking forward to that Christmas.

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