The voyage from yousville to clonetropolis

It’s been a bit since my last post but I’ve been snared in the cruel claws of the internet company gods. Or the reality is my modem bit the dust and I haven’t been able to get online. Today I’ve got a good one that revisits an earlier topic: Clones.

Clonetropolis. …or perhaps Caroline in the City?

Okay people, here’s the hypothetical situation: The world has turned into several villages and one big city. In each village there are clones of 1 man and 1 woman. They grow and develop and a certain point they migrate, should they choose to. The destination here: Clonetropolis. It would be a mecca of all the different clone people. Yes, of course you’d have multiples in there. Most likely at different ages. These clones aren’t allowed to go just anywhere they please. If you migrate you have to go to Clonetropolis. You can’t just go live in a different village because it’s going to upset their entire way of living.

Given that is the situation, here come the crazy thoughts. Imagine that you have a village full of yourself. Obviously everyone of them isn’t going to turn out the same. One of them might be just like you while another turns out to be a farmer. Maybe one of them becomes quite obsessed with structural engineering. Another clone decides to be a doctor and help all the people of the village. Perhaps one goes crazy and becomes a cat burglar or worse, a murderer. That’s a lot of things you can be.

The other situation you have to look at is one of genetics and ethics. Say that Jon A falls in love with lady A and the birds and the bees come along. Next thing you know you’ve got Jonn. Now Jon B falls in love with lady B and you know what happens when you take two hares with no cares. Well, I guess you don’t get a room full of rabbits in this case, you just get Joan. A few baby new years come and go and soon it’s time for Jonn and Joan to go to Clonetropolis. On the way there, they become quite fond of each other. Soon Jonn is courting lady Joan and becoming quite smitten. Before you know it these two are under the sheets exploring the naughtiest parts of Clonetropolis. Reader, I face you with this question: How will this child turn out? Will it be a new amalgamation of Jon and Lady genes? Or is this child doomed to become some sort of hideous incestuous beast? There is also the question of ethics in this scenario. If this child is coming from this hypothetical doomed gene pool does it mean the rest of this society is doomed to the same fate? It’s something to think about. Also I do not plan to build my own sovereign island nation populated with clones. As you go through your day and your mind wanders and you consider having children, think of this scenario.

Note: To any of you wanting to poke holes in the details not included – All the originals of these people are housed deep, deep underground in tubes with scientists pumping out clones and shipping them to the surface via elevator.


2 thoughts on “The voyage from yousville to clonetropolis

  1. Are the scientists clones of themselves? Can I clone my dogs? Will my clone mes take care of the clone pugs? What if I like a clone of Brent better than the real Brent? Lastly, I am going to avoid the Thad and Tary clone village. That would be too many angry Winters Nighters and man children for my liking

    • No, no, no, the scientists are not clones. They are simply scientists. Clone away with your dogs, but I can’t guarantee they will go to the Sarah village. The Brent question, well that’s something to discuss with Brent. Lastly, as stated up there, the villages are 1 man and 1 woman so you can’t have Thad and Tary (or Brad and Barry) in the same village. However they will taint whatever village they wind up in with Winter’s Night and yes a Tary (Barry) village is going to be man child central.

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