animals in space and old women in libraries

Bringing your crazy ideas into a visual reality is one of the most rewarding things to do. Aside from writing rants, I also enjoy drawing and making things. Some things take longer than others. Painting is a good example of this. Something I don’t do often so it takes me a bit longer.

A painting I’ve been taking my time in finishing

Normally what I do is draw and draw up ridiculous things, like the character Linda Schnoppenfield who often enjoys hanging out with her baby pandas. Other subjects might be different people in various situations in time (Wilford Brimley as Civil Wilford) or just goofy animals. I’ve created a breed of mole people I am quite fond of. All of these are just ridiculous characters I’ve done over the years.

Who doesn’t enjoy an old lady librarian?

Page of a cartoon based off my own day to day experiences

In the last couple years I’ve found I’ve been making a mish mash of these ways of making things. Basically it’s a transfer of cartoon to cardboard that is then cut to the outlines, painted up, and re-drawn. Below is somewhat of a visual example of that:These cardboard creations are my favorite things to do especially because of one special project involved. The Space Zoo. Oh man, this idea is my favorite and I’ll work on it as long as I can. Simply it is cartoon versions of animals in space suits. Space Panda, Space Sloth, Space Kitty, Astro Giraffe, Cosmonaut Bear, whatever the animal is, I want to create a version. Perhaps one day I can interest someone in small versions of these creatures to make a Space Zoo mobile for their baby. Or set up a spot with other space themed creations like cardboard rockets, moon parts, robots, and all the animals to truly make the Space Zoo exhibit for people to gawk at. Space Lions and Astro Tigers and Cosmonaut Bears, oh my!

Space Panda

Space Panda was the first to be created but not long after I created the sketch for space kitty. This cat is based off the exotic short hair breed which if you haven’t seen, I highly recommend taking a look at the Google image search page here. Unfortunately the cat was started but lost in a move so I have to recreate him but here’s a rough idea of what he’ll look like:

The infamous Space Kitty

Hopefully one day the Space Zoo will be visiting a city near you. In the mean time perhaps it can visit your homes. That is if you have an animal you want space-ified and cardboard-ized. Honestly, if you have thoughts or requests let me know and I’ll whip up something for you, just leave a comment here. More so, I hope someday to get these cardboard creations on display for all to view. Elizabeth, I know you are stilling awaiting the giraffe. While it’s still being cooked up in the astro-baby oven, I do recommend folks checking out your blog, which is well worth reading.

So there you are folks, this is my realm of cartoons and cardboard. Remember, be careful out there, it’s a dangerous world.


2 thoughts on “animals in space and old women in libraries

  1. Nice to see the painting finished! It turned out well. Also, ASTRO GIRAFFE!!!! I think I need one to decorate my new desk….

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