high in the sky or down in the sea?

Hypothetical questions are one of my favorite conversation makers. There is one I came up with which has now become my favorite to ask anyone and today I share this one with you. Hopefully you take this one to heart, give it some thought, and maybe even share the idea among your friends. So here’s the question:
Would you rather live in an air city…

A modern city atop a floating chunk of Earth.

…or in an underwater, bottom of the sea dome city?

Put this deep underwater at the floor of the sea and it’s dome city.

I’ve discussed the idea of air city/dome city (ac/dc) with many people and had many interesting conversations. Personally, I’ve flushed out my ideas about the set up of each of these so should you start asking people about this you might want to completely develop the picture in your mind as well. Air city to me is a giant modern city floating in the sky. I don’t imagine it as being still but rather slowly drifting around the globe. It would be easy to come and go, given the fact you could build a small landing strip for planes. There could even be a hot air balloon for surface world to air city travels. Some sort of fence would probably be installed around the city but really probably nothing larger than a small picket fence. In the middle of the fence would be a break for the plank that people staging coups against air city would be forced to walk.

Dome city is a whole different tale though. Deep under the sea would be a series of small living domes connected by hallways covered by a gigantic dome. They would be lighted, you wouldn’t have to live in the darkness of the sea. You travel dome to dome by walking the hallways or the special way. This is the best part of it. Each dome would have a room with a small pool in which would be a garage door that leads out into the main dome. In this room would be little underwater scooters you ride out and travel dome to dome in. There could also be an elevator to the surface or my favorite, an air chute that could shoot you up and you could parachute back down to land. The chute does scare me a little because I imagine these dome city bastards doing something evil like equipping robotic legs to sharks and shooting them at people on the service. Sick people, I tell you.

Terror of the sea, terror of the land.

Once, I presented this conversation to a couple friends. Both quickly dismissed the idea as ludicrous. When one friend finally started weighing the pros and cons he did so only by what your means of demise would be in each location. He pointed out that in dome city, if the domes were to crack the pressure would grow so immense your head would explode but also pointed out that it would happen quite fast. In air city, your demise would probably be the city coming crashing down. He said he would live in dome city because he wouldn’t want to be stuck on a chunk of earth plummeting down to your end in a slow manner. There might be looting which could be fun but it would take a while. I think it’s ridiculous to focus on that but it is another angle.

So present this topic to your friends, discuss it at great lengths because it’s fun to see what people jump to first or what crazy ideas they come up with. But don’t forget to first ask yourself, which place would you live: air city or dome city?


2 thoughts on “high in the sky or down in the sea?

  1. Dome City all the way! I am afraid of heights and wouldn’t want to fall off of air city. I am also afraid of sea monsters, but I think they would like me. I might be okay with Turtle City, where we all live on a turtle shell. Or Mouth City, where we all live inside a mouth hole. It would be very hot there. And our water supply would be saliva. Ew. But the payoff would be that Mouth City would not have any hard surfaces. There would only be walls and floors made of gums and pus pockets. Well I guess there would be teeth, unless it was Old Person Mouth City or Baby Mouth City. The tongue would be the equivalent of the tides and the uvula would be God.

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