Dances with werewolves

Ahh, the time honored classic of werewolf movies. How did we ever forget about these or distance ourselves from them? Of course I know there are the Underworld and Twilight movies that people just rave about but they don’t carry the fun as some of the classics. Say, something along the lines of American Werewolf in London or Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf Too featuring Jason Bateman

Of course American Wolf in London is really a fantastic film while Teen Wolf can be questioned. However, I do feel there’s a lot more ground that could have been covered in the Teen Wolf series. Perhaps the middle aged sequel, Teen Wolf: the Cubicle Years or Office Wolf. Suddenly Michael J. Fox is really taking command of the sales team and working his way up that corporate ladder. The only problem is his boss, the stern business woman who is not a fan of hairy people. Of course there will be the montage towards the end of Fox being shaved down (looking much like a scene from Robin Williams real life) so he can go in and demand what we wants with smooth skin the boss lady can’t say no to. Or perhaps he could have had his spot in television as a writer of late night sketch show that comes under scrutiny from the new boss in the new fall hit “30 Wolf.” Outside of all the options that come with Teen Wolf, their is also the thought about, “What if this were a reality?”

For some reason I’ve always imagined that if werewolves were real they would be truck drivers. I mean look, they really thrive at night time and since they got the wolf thing going on they probably have excellent night vision. They would probably be the best and Hostess would definitely want to hire them. Yet would a werewolf person be a good waiter? Or would you end up with too much hair in your food? I certainly don’t think they would be cooks. No one has a full body hair net. These thoughts also might lead to a new school of prejudice where we would have to become wolf-aware and wolf-sensitive in our ever growing world. I still do not buy into the whole basketball scene because of this school of thought (which also applies to real life werewolf athletes): This kind of intense physical activity for a long duration would have to be difficult to endure due to being so hairy. Do they sweat? Or would they have to pant? How could they possibly cool down quick enough to keep up? Either way, I end with this, as much as I would hold off at first…I’d totally be friends with the teen wolf kid.


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