The seductive art of Sandwich

Often I forget the pure satisfaction of something as simple as a sandwich. Once you get back into making some home sandwiches you start to get a little creative, mixing things up. Perhaps your sandwich gets a little fried, or you have 4 types of meat, or maybe it’s a basic cheese sandwich with mouth watering garnishes. Others go the opposite direction into crazy land and make things like this:

Insanity on bread

This is insanity. So many people find this image appealing and truthfully, I’m sure I have at points too. Maybe points of extreme exhaustion and hunger, it doesn’t matter when. Point is, you can not eat something like this. There is no way to unhinge your jaw for this tower. Nor is there any real reasonable way to eat it. Would you simply pull two pieces of bread and their innards each time, as if drawing from a deck of sandwiches? Or maybe slice down it and turn it so you are eating the slice like a sub sandwich? No. It just does not work people. Perhaps the sandwich industry laughing maniacally and creating the idea of these monstrosities is what created the art of sandwich board (which is much less seductive).

Did we bring this on ourselves?

These Scooby Doo inspired sandwiches aren’t the only culprits of corrupting a beautifully tasting meal either. It’s seeped over into so many other culinary practices. For instance: the 10 pound burger challenge. A challenge where we literally pit our heart against a slab of meat in order to gain a free meal. Now I’m not saying I dislike burgers. I love them in fact. All the different toppings or seasonings for the meat, it’s like a ground beef playground. Yet challenging yourself to eat a 10 pound burger in one sitting seems to taint that. Obviously I should looked this up before posting this, but I do wonder if any has suffered a heart attack while eating one of these monsters.

A sore jaw and 2 clogged arteries. Sounds like a prom night gone wrong.

These foods really look like they would be of great discomfort to eat. They also look like they’d be really unappealing to watch someone else eat. Try to imagine sitting across from your friend as they try to unhinge there jaw to ram an unnatural amount of food in. It looks like a baby trying to eat a big mac. Disgusting imagery. Anyways, the note I want to end on is simple. Perhaps in cooking the goal should be to create something seasoned so well, that is such a great combination of ingredients, it can satisfy a person with one human sized serving. The wonderful taste silences the hunger as the diner savors it. Build with materials we have in a reasonable manner instead of building these skyscraper monstrosities looming into the sky, waiting to destroy us.



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