Robotical Robots

When I was a younger lad but still a slimy fellow I had made a decision that I would some day build a robot. Of course, it wouldn’t be a functioning robot. It was meant to be a robot made from Pabst cans and boxes.

A dramatization of my Robeerot.

As you might have guessed, Pabsty the Robeerot was never built. You start draining all the cans and the next thing you know, you’ve completely forgotten what your project was. Pabsty isn’t the only time I think about robots though and some of the recent science articles and other things I’ve seen show crazy advances in robot-ology have become. Don’t get too far out there in thought, there is no way I think an alien race of robots is going to land on Earth and the good forces will end up befriending Shia Labeouf. Not going to happen. Some of these things are crazy like the robotic exoskeletons that have been being built or weird factory robots being developed. Why did they give the factory robot a face? It brings a whole new level of creepiness to it as they present us with these humanoid features almost as if in an attempt to help integrate them into our daily lives.  What if you woke up one day to a world of I, Robot where slowly an army of Will Smith-bots were taking over the world?

Fresh Army of Bel-Doomsday

The horror is difficult to imagine, I know. Yet as far as they go with these advances, will there be a day when we possibly have robot pals? Like I can go down to the bar with my robo-buddy and since he can’t process alcohol then he immediately becomes the DD? Quickly they would come to hate us and our abuse of their abilities would lead us down a dark path. Robots should probably be feared for many reasons. They talk more of medical uses too, like nanomachines which is frightening to consider a bunch of little machines functioning within you. How long will it be until we ourselves become part robots? Could I function off a robotic liver? These things are likely all still very far away and something we won’t be able to fully encounter in our own life time so I guess there’s no need to fret over them. Either way, I do still believe someone out there is plotting the Will Smith army and even if the reference is wasted on their future generation, an army of Hancocks and Agent Js accompanied by a handful of Jazzy Robo Jeffs will rain down chaos on mankind.


One thought on “Robotical Robots

  1. We used to do composition on a robot technology journal. There was an article about Roberta, a robot designed to mimic human body movement INCLUDING FACIAL FEATURES. Scariest thing I’ve ever seen. Worst of all, why would you name your robot a boring name like Roberta? She should have been named Synthesin or Fantasia.

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