Doppelganger Doppler

The idea of doppelgangers and bizarro versions of ourselves has been a source of great intrigue. It seems limitless in the possible explanations. Perhaps it’s a clone of you raised in totally different circumstances or just in it’s own creepy little test tube world. I’m sure if this bad boy was hatched recently then it most likely started out something more akin to a sea monkey. Or perhaps it’s bizarro you from a parallel universe where everyone is sophisticated and the version of you here totally disgusts them with your lack of manners and rude demeanor. For me, I really like the parallel universe idea. It’s so many options for bizarro versions of you and even more bizarre versions of bizarro you.

It might be that in one of these worlds is the evil version of yourself. A sick sad world where everything was the same but unfortunately you had an active evil gene within when you were born. Yes, the evil gene. The cruel dormant gene that if stirred in birth causes normal babies to come out with a mean streak that never ends. A truly awfully version of yourself wreaking havoc in a parallel universe.

Baby with active Evil Gene

I feel like it goes without saying that should you and evil you cross paths it would result in some sort of confrontation. Evil Jon would invite me out for a beer and find some way to stick me with the tab. I’d be furious at his actions after he spent the night convincing me he would not pull such a move. Weeks would go by and he’d invite me back out telling me, “Oh, that won’t happen again. I’ve learned from my jerk ways and look, drinks are on me buddy.” He calls me buddy so I fall for it again only to end up with another 2 man tab I have to pay. Well this would lead into a round of fisticuffs in the back alley that neither of us would win given our drunken state and poor physical shape.

If only there were a way to visit these parallel worlds and meet the alternate versions of ourselves. It would have to be better than the show Sliders of course, I’m not turning my life into that hour long let down. Yet in this Sliders-esque fantasy, there is one world I definitely want to visit and it’s the only one where it seems so difficult to imagine that you lose yourself in the dream. That’s right, I’m speaking of Muppet World. A world in which all people are made from felt, but no strings and hands up the pooper. People would have insides and bleed actual blood in this world. It would be such an intense sight to see and hopefully someday, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to visit. Even if it’s only in the most elaborate of day dreams.


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