The Invisible Tango and the Horizontal Mambo

Earlier today I saw a very confusing picture of a child riding a bike. The child happened to be wearing adult sun glasses with a giant scarf. The way this kid had their face covered made me think of the invisible man, considering 80% of their face was covered.
ImageAs I thought of the invisible man my mind began to wander many places. Specifically, it went to the idea of the invisible man procreating and having a family. Would he only be attracted to invisible women? Also if he knocked up a normal “viewey” person, would the resulting child be invisible or visible? In my mind there are 2 options here:

  1. The child will be born invisible. Wow, and what a crazy birth that would be. Could you imagine how difficult it would be to birth a child you couldn’t even see? I’ll stray from the graphic details but I’m sure we’re all thinking it.
  2. The child will be born visible. In this scenario I do believe that puberty will bring invisibility. One day you wake up and your voice is cracking, next day you wake up and you can’t see your arm anymore. This process seems odd to me. I’m not sure if you would stay invisible or if for some kids they would return to being viewed by the naked eye.


I also wondered how this would work out for the family. I mean, is the invisible man able to see his children? Are the children born with some bizarre thermal vision so they can see their parents and siblings? It would probably be tough to wrangle kids you can’t see. The ease of sneaking out of the house would be crazy. I’m sure it would have a bad side too, like being counted absent in school all of the time. I guess you have to wear clothes though and the only way you are truly invisible is if you’re naked. Does this mean the man in the films has constantly been naked? That really takes the terror out of it and replaces it with a dirty feeling of “Why the hell am I just watching a film about a naked man running around?” The life of invisibility seems like a rough one and I for one can certainly say I wouldn’t be able to handle it.


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